Website Copy Writing – Era of Moments



What do the faces speak?  Have you heard them talk? Two eyes, a nose, a pair of lips, and more –all identical structures in a generic way and yet so different. Different moulds that create humans, each and everyone has a unique face. Every face holds an identity, a voice of their own and we take immense pleasure in reading these faces through EOM’s lens and frames.

Bringing people’s stories, their expressions in the right light, backdrop and candid environments is what we excel in. Our cameras talk to the faces, makes them feel free to emote what they want to, to be what they want to be. Designing every setting of our picture like the effortless movement of the people when no camera is watching them. Revealing their personal side of things.  Painting faces like art on the blank canvas of our reel, coloring it with textures of happiness, sorrow, wait, innocence, excitement, nervousness or plain existence.  Decorating a complete mood board of expression.

EOM is thrilled to see different people in different lights.  It’s almost like a human library of many profiles that unfold their tales through their facial features and our camera just can’t keep away from photographing them. Silhouettes, different camera angles, window light portraits, headshots – We are always on our toes to explore how to bring that uniqueness of a person through his or her face. Our visuals speak their own tongue. Life is happening all this while and EOM strikes the opportunity to make the most of it by discovering people and making them feel that they matter.

Faces to us are glorious. We take pride in being a medium of showcasing stories and lives through our artsy version of pictures and portraiture. Also, yes faces speak the truth and we have heard them talk!

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