Blog Content Writing – Why is it crucial to create a robust Customer Support process in B2B SaaS?


According to a report by Transparency Market Research, SaaS is going to have a global market evaluation of over $100 billion by the end of 2022. If you are wondering what might be the cause behind this expansive propel, you might want to have a relook at your company’s CRM practices. Yes, Customer Support is going to be a major factor in driving the B2B SaaS market and such exciting numbers should be an encouragement checkpoint when it comes to building a robust Customer Support process.

While Customer Support is registering the strongest demand for B2B SaaS solutions, creating a powerful CRM doesn’t come easy. Unlike B2C, in B2B one is dealing with industry experts who know the ifs and the buts of the business, in and out; ergo these businesses require a more professional and thoughtful approach and it becomes all the more important to invest one’s time and effort into creating an able-bodied attitude.

The operation of reducing churn comes with the responsibility of giving businesses the reassurance that they have made the right choice and guiding them to first value and solutions to their queries as quickly as possible. This means linking product features to desired outcomes and showing the customer an overview of what will happen and when. However, having such capabilities isn’t all that valuable to a customer if one isn’t actively supporting its customers in being successful at finding and making use of that functionality. Therefore a cohesive, proactive CRM setup that looks at working hand in hand with its businesses is the need of the hour. Rather than waiting for customers to voice their concerns, a robust customer support team actively monitors accounts and reaches out at the first sign of trouble. This entire cycle in tandem helps in creating a stable CRM team which eventually results in customer stickiness.

Also, in B2B SaaS, clients are looking at a more nurturing relationship and your customer support team should know about establishing trustworthy, deep relationships with the clients. Training your CRM team to understand the customer, putting them in the client’s shoes, knowing the problem they are solving and setting the right expectations will work wonders for the company.


Nonetheless, one of the most difficult challenges of working in customer support in a SaaS business setup is communication and cooperation between teams. In a pool full of emails, complaints, and requests, the risk of potential misunderstandings is off the roof and one’s response time can increase dramatically. Therefore it is imperative to get all the teams on board if you want to improve overall customer satisfaction. This process is trickier than it sounds; one has to make other teams realize the value of focusing on customers. To take one of the prime examples out there, Mafalda from Unbabel, an artificial intelligence-powered human translation platform, says “At Unbabel we often have calls with customers together, which also helps our customers understand that there’s a person behind our technology, that that person is working every single day to make sure that great quality translations get delivered. Being transparent about this kind of thing adds a lot of value to our customers. And on the other side, it also recognizes the work that’s being done by our product team, and they also feel they’re contributing towards the success of the company. The positive feedback that we receive plays a huge role in keeping our teams motivated and moving forward.” To keep everyone in the loop helps in improving customer support and paints a positive picture of the company in the eye of the client.

Coming back to the moolah, a Harvard Business Review claims that the average cost of a live interaction between customer and agent in a B2B company is $13; this is where self-service comes in. More than half of your customers go through your website looking for a solution before they end up calling, texting or mailing you. Automating what you can as a business can help in delivering a better, more cost-efficient service to your clients! This not only saves time on both ends but also makes for a great keeping-the-customer-happy strategy.

To sum it up, if you as a B2B SaaS vendor have a robust Customer Support team that keeps your clients happy and on board, then the chances of growing your own business volumes are much higher. Because a happy customer not only gets you entry to expand within the company but also gets you referrals to potential customers.

Customer Support experience is becoming a pivotal battlefield for businesses — and the losers are losing big. Make sure you empower your service professionals with the right tools & data and have the right practices in place.

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